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It’s your time.

You don’t want to waste it.

You want to use every moment to good use for you, your students and your school.

There are many resources on the Internet.

Some good.

Some not so good.

Searching and finding the good resources takes a lot of time.

It’s overwhelming.

It’s time consuming.

It’s the biggest distraction ever created.

I do the heavy lifting for you. 

I find, research and report on practical resources for teachers like you in my Busy Educator Newsletter.

Resources that will make a difference in the classroom.

Try it out.

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You can instantly download these 4 free eBooks. (The first eBook is a list of Language Arts WEBSITES; the second eBook is a list of Math and Science WEBSITES; the third eBook is a list of Lesson Planning WEBSITES and the fourth eBook is a list of Inspirational Quotes FOR TEACHERS). Click HERE for more information

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If you’re looking for something really special to prevent you from pulling your hair in frustration, here’s A FREE report on a Sure-Fire, Easy to Use Strategy To Take Control In Your Classroom And Put An End To Constant Fights And Arguments! Hope you enjoy reading it:


Looking for a teaching job? Or looking to update your resume and interview skills. Check out my interview I did with a teacher who sat on a number of interview committees. The interview is  FREE.

Here is a sampling of some of what is discussed in my interview with Adam:

1.         His #1 tip for getting the interview

2.         The inside scoop on resumes and cover letters – how important are they really?

3.         A sampling of the most common questions AND the secret trick to answering ALL interview questions

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And if you’re looking for free cover letter tips, head over to this site. Hope it helps:  http://writeimpressiveresumes.thebusyeducator.com/


If you’re a teacher looking for ideas on how to motivate and inspire your students that are are quick and easy to implement, check out our blogposts and our Busy Educator Newsletters and archives.

To Your Teaching Success,

Marjan Glavac
B.A., B.ED., M.A.

“Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.” ~ Stu Cunningham

Read What Others Are Saying…

Anne Ladner Harper McCaughan Elementary Long Beach, Mississippi

Marjan, I do not recall when I actually joined your email listings, but I have always looked forward to it coming so that I could use your help to enhance my students’ learning, creativity, and enjoyment of school. I have given many of my colleagues, parents, and even students your web site, only to hear complete excitement and satisfaction!!

Now, last August, 2006, took on a different dimension. Distraught and heartbroken at having been to the “what was once my school” after the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, I came home only to find your newest Busy Educator newsletter awaiting me. My first impulse was to email you and just let you know that we, simply stating it, needed help here in Long Beach, Mississippi.

You were so comforting, kind, supporting, and requested permission to send my email out to your 30,000 readers!! Harper McCaughan Elementary School Long Beach Mississippi


Marjan, that was a complete turning point for those of us at Harper McCaughan Elementary. The overwhelming response from schools, teachers, and individuals was unbelievable as thousands upon thousands of materials and financial donations flowed in…and still do, I might add!

Just know that you have touched the lives of every child and teacher at our school and that you will long be remembered and appreciated. From disaster comes good, Marjan, and you created that for us. I will always consider YOU a personal friend and hope to meet you in person one day.

You are more than an educator; you are a caring, loving individual. My life is better by having our lives cross paths.

Thank you, Marjan, for everything!!


Anne Ladner

Harper McCaughan Elementary

Long Beach Mississippi


Cedar Valley Logo


Stacey Kannenberg – Cedar Valley Publishing

I love all your enthusiasm and great stories!!! I have passed them along to my favorite teachers and educators. Great and very uplifting.

Elena Pagnotta High School Teacher

Thank you for your continued excellence in providing educators academic and professional resources and learning tools that are really valuable.

Betty Baker

I have retired from full time teaching and have immensely enjoyed and benefited from the monthly Busy Educator’s newsletter as well as your book of websites which I purchased many years ago.  Thank you so much for the work you put into preparing these newsletters for us.

Gisela Hausmann, author of “obvious LETTERS”

Educ-Easy BooksMarjan Glavac’s newsletter ”The Busy Educator Newsletter” has been around long enough that those of us who have been educators for a while know that it lives up to what it promises: In-depth information – well-presented.

It could be assumed that Marjan Glavac’s readers were equally devoted teachers who are truly interested in what’s going on and what’s new and noteworthy. As an independent author and publisher who went a new route rather than trampling the well-known path I wanted to introduce my book “obvious LETTERS” to Marjan Glavac’s readers.

I practically begged him to run my ads. When he finally did I was happy to find out that Marjan Glavac’s readers were not too busy to look at my work. I got a tremendous response and met phenomenal colleagues.

Steph Marshall

I just wanted to let you know that this was the best newsletter I have ever signed up for! I am glad that I stumbled upon it online as I was searching for a way to make my first year teaching go smoothly!

Tanya B.

I just want to thank you for the weblinks you provide! Each month I find something new and worthwhile, and boy did you hit me with a great one this month! I have been working hard the last two months to make math more interactive and was thrilled yesterday when I linked to the connection to Math Internet.

This is a winner!! Thanks for your support and good eye!

Nancy S. Goff , Computer Instructor

I keep a binder of all your wonderful newsletters (so I can share with others).

Jerry Blumengarten, “Library Man”

I want to thank you for providing our school with some wonderful websites. Your newsletter is greatly appreciated by the students, staff and parents at our school.